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90 Ball Bingo

Me and my Foxy Fabulous all love playing 90 ball bingo at Foxy Bingo—and that’s why we have plenty of rooms and games for you to dive into here! Played across three rows of nine squares on a standard ticket, 90 ball bingo is actually the most popular type of online bingo in the UK.

How do you win playing 90 ball bingo?

Three different ways! Either get one line, two lines or a full house. To get one line, complete one horizontal line of numbers. For a two-line win, complete two lines. And for a full house, mark off EVERY number on your card! Of course, what you win and how much changes depending on what game you’re playing.

But either way, Foxy’s sure you’ll have a right laugh no matter what balls roll out. Fancy reading more about 90 ball bingo at Foxy Bingo? I’ve got all the info you need…

How to play 90 Ball Bingo

The most famous version of bingo is the mighty 90 ball bingo. We love it here at Foxy Bingo, too! If you fancy getting involved with this glorious game, simply buy numbered bingo tickets for whichever 90 ball bingo room you want to join. In each game, numbers are called from individual bingo balls at random. If the called number matches one on your tickets, you mark it off or ‘dab’ it. Cover all three lines first to get a full house and win the top prize. That’s not all though, there are also prizes if you cover two lines or even one!

Confused or just want to know a bit more about 90 ball bingo? There’s a lot more information below…

90 Ball Bingo Ticket Layout

The tickets sold in my 90 ball bingo games at Foxy Bingo normally look like a 3×9 table of numbers. Each line has nine boxes that show five numbers and four empty spots.

Lines are set out like this:

  • 1st column holds numbers 1-9.
  • 2nd column holds numbers 10-19.
  • 3rd column holds numbers 20-29.
  • 4th column holds numbers 30-39.
  • 5th column holds numbers 40-49.
  • 6th column holds numbers 50-59.
  • 7th column holds numbers 60-69.
  • 8th column holds numbers 70-79.
  • 9th column holds numbers 80-90.

The game is nearly always played on strips of six tickets each. One strip shows the total of the numbers 1-90 spread around the six tickets. This means that a number is covered at each bingo call.

How to win at 90 Ball Bingo

When it comes to 90 ball bingo games, there are three patterns that’ll give you a win and each one has its own prize.

  • Any one line: mark off all the numbers in any single row.
  • Any two lines: mark off all the numbers in any two rows.
  • Full house: mark off all numbers on the ticket.

As the game goes on, different numbered balls will be called or displayed on your screen. When a number matches one on your ticket, simply dab it out (this might happen automatically, too). Then just keep your eyes open, or ears pricked, for the next one to try and complete one of the patterns above. Once there’s a winner, that lucky player will get however much the prize for that pattern is sent to their account. Remember, the prize total will change depending on which 90 ball bingo game you’re playing. In fact, if you create each pattern first, you can actually win all three prizes!

90 Ball Bingo Payouts & Jackpots

Normally, a 90 ball bingo game’s payout depends on the cost of the tickets and the number of players. For example, the prize is usually bigger when there are higher ticket prices and lots of players. But every now and then, Foxy also offers a fixed minimum prize, regardless of how many people are playing or the ticket price. And for extra excitement, there are even jackpots up for grabs in some of our fun 90-ball online bingo games at Foxy Bingo. So, keep a look out for those!

How do you find all the details about a 90-ball game's jackpot? Just check out the info bar on top of your ticket strips before the game and as it plays out. If you end up being one of my lucky Foxy Fab players to win a 90-ball online bingo prize, I’ll send your reward to you. All you need to do is look in your account when it drops in (you can find this in the top right-hand side of your screen), then tap or click the ‘CLAIM’ icon to get your winnings.

How to Start Playing 90 Ball Bingo at Foxy

Fancy a spot of 90-ball online bingo fun at Foxy Bingo? Come join the Foxy Fabulous! First things first, get yourself registered. You can find the ‘REGISTER’ icon at the top of your screen on the righthand side. Fill in your details (it won’t take long), then get ready for fun! Oh, and check out the welcome offer that you can grab once you’re signed up.

There are lots of 90-ball online bingo games you can enjoy once you’re part of the Foxy Fabulous. All you need to do is head to ‘BINGO ROOMS’ at the top of the homepage and tap or click the ‘90 BALL’ icon in the bar below. Then, scroll through my exciting mix of 90 ball bingo fun. You can see how many players are currently in the game, plus the ticket prices and how much you can win. Choose whether to pre-buy tickets or dive straight in by hitting ‘PLAY NOW’. Ready to find your new favourite 9-ball bingo game?

Buying the Tickets

Buy at least one ticket and consider yourself part of the online 90 ball bingo game at Foxy Bingo. In fact, you can buy up to 96 tickets, or 16 ticket strips, in each 90-ball game. Before you do that though, just check out how much you have in your account to make sure there’s enough to buy tickets in the first place! You can do this by looking at your balance in the top of your screen. Want to make a deposit? You can do this at any time via your account. Each of my 90 ball bingo rooms shows you the cost-per-ticket next to the prize amount, too.

The Ticket Selection

Here’s where I explain how you choose those 90 ball bingo tickets. Simply click on each strip or ticket for each 90 ball bingo game or let the handy bingo machine pick them for you at random.

Manual Ticket Selection

If you want, you can choose one ticket or strip at a time just by tapping or clicking whichever ones you want to buy. On the other hand, you can use the select a whole strip at a time. Don’t fancy the strip you’re seeing? Pick a new one and the current strip will be replaced with something different. Remember, the 90 ball bingo tickets in the strip you’ve already chosen will remain.

Automatic Ticket Selection

Sometimes it’s easier to just get your tickets delivered at random. If this is your style, go for automatic ticket selection by clicking on the number of strips you'd like to buy in the auto-select box. Afterwards, you can pick any of your tickets (one at a time) and remove them from your strips. Your chosen tickets will show under the auto select strips space on your screen.

Playing the Game

It’s easy to play 90 ball bingo online when you’re part of the Foxy Fabulous. Just buy however many tickets you want then wait for the game to start. If you want to keep your eye on the time left in the game, there’s a countdown section too—new 90-ball games begin every few minutes.

All the info you need to play 90 ball bingo at Foxy Bingo will show in a bar on your screen once the game starts. This includes how many players there are in the game, the prizes for every pattern (one line, two lines and full house), and the jackpot total. As the game plays out, you can see when someone wins a prize. When this happens, I’ll then change the ticket icon to let you know the next winning pattern.

Any numbers called during the 90 ball bingo game appear inside a bingo ball for you to spot easily as you dab. Also, I’ll keep showing whatever the previous five ball calls were, so you can keep track of the game.

Daubing Your Numbers

There are two ways that you can dab your tickets as you play 90 ball bingo at Foxy Bingo—either manually (by clicking or tapping as numbers are called) or automatically (which means you’ll never miss a number). By default, the automatic way will be selected when you play 90 ball bingo here. But, if you’d prefer to dab the numbers yourself, just change this in your settings section by unselecting automatic dabbing.


It’s great to see my Foxy Fabulous celebrating 90 ball bingo wins together at Foxy Bingo! The game will stop for a moment when a win happens, and you’ll see a message that tells you who won and how much. After the 90-ball game, all the winners will be displayed together, so get ready to cheer!

Now you know all there is to know about playing 90 ball bingo online at Foxy Bingo, fancy giving it a go? There’s plenty of 90 ball bingo fun to go around…