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75 Slingo Bingo
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  • €3.00


75 Foxy 75 Ball
  • 6
  • €0.05
  • €5.00


75 Deal or No Deal 75
  • 11
  • €0.05
  • €16.01


75 The Foxiverse
  • 20
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  • €25.00

75 ball bingo

Players have bingo-ing mad for our live 75 ball bingo! These days, you don’t need to live in the good ol’ U.S. of A. to be able to enjoy 75-ball bingo. At Foxy Bingo, we’ve taken this much-loved pastime of our friends from across the pond and given it a loving home in our exclusive Foxy Loves and Foxy Hideaway rooms. Foxy Loves opens from 2pm until midnight daily and hosts an exciting range of 75-ball online bingo games.

The schedule on this page that lists our 75-ball bingo rooms shows you at a glance what games are playing next, as well as the prize funds, the progressive room jackpot amount, and a countdown timer which indicates how long is left before the next game begins, how many players are in each room, and the price of the tickets.

You can jump in right now or if you’re unsure of how to play, take a look at our guide that will help you become a bingo master.

How to play 75 Ball Bingo

Wondering how 75 Ball Bingo differs from 90 Ball Bingo? Here’s a clue: the game is also known as pattern bingo. Why’s that? Well, because a plethora of possible patterns can win you a prize. In each game, you’ll need to complete a certain pattern in order to win. You find out which pattern it is before the game begins and then it’s a case of marking off each number, from 1-75, as and when it’s called. Easy enough, right? Worried about the patterns? Worry not. When you play 75 Ball Bingo online at Gala Bingo, your numbers will be automatically marked off.

75 Ball Bingo Card Layout

In 75 Ball Bingo, you play with single tickets made up of a square 5x5 grid that contains the numbers 1 - 75. Above the grid is the word BINGO. Each column of numbers on your ticket sits under a letter. The centre square, called the ‘free space’, is automatically dabbed before the game begins. This space will give you an advantage with certain patterns, as you’ll need less numbers to win the game. As far as numbers go, there are a total of 24 on every card and you can keep track of them by following the column headings. Each column displays specific numbers: . column 1 shows numbers 1-15, column 2 shows numbers 16-30, column 3 shows numbers 31 -45 and so on. Got the jist?

How to win at 75 Ball Bingo

To win at 75 Ball Bingo, you must complete a pre-determined pattern by marking all of the numbers on your card to create the pattern. These patterns include a single horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, diamond, number ‘8’ and ‘L’ pattern. When you play 75 Ball Bingo online at Gala Bingo, your numbers will be automatically marked off, so you don’t need to worry about how they all work, there’s plenty of time for that.

How to Start Playing 75 Ball Bingo at Foxy

Ready to dive in? All you need to do to start playing 75 Ball Bingo with us is to sign up by clicking the REGISTER button at the top right of the page. The sign-up process is super easy and you’ll be done in a few clicks. Then you’re ready to hit the bingo lobby and get those 75 Bingo balls fired up!

Buying the Cards

To play a game of 75-ball bingo you need at least one card, however, you can normally buy up to 96. Before you buy any cards you need to make sure there are funds in your bingo account with the right amount of money. You'll always be able to see your account balance at the top of your screen. To deposit into your account at any time just click the "Cashier" button. The price per ticket is visible on the left-hand side of the screen and on the card itself, as well as on the purchase panel.

The Ticket Selection

You can choose your tickets for each bingo game by clicking on them or you can have the bingo system select them for you randomly.

Manual Selection Of Cards

You can choose one card at a time by clicking on each one you want to buy. If you don’t want the cards shown you can click on the "Get New Cards" button below the price of the cards displayed. The old cards will disappear and will be replaced with new ones. However, if you have already chosen some cards those will remain.

To go between the cards available, click on the red buttons above the cards with the arrows.

Automatic Selection Of Cards

If you’d like the computer to choose your cards for you, you can use the "Auto Select Cards" box to choose the number of cards you wish to buy. The maximum number of cards you can buy is still 96. Once you’ve made your auto selection, you can click on any of the selected cards to remove them from your selection. Your auto-selected cards total will appear under the area.

Playing the Game

Once you’ve bought your cards for the bingo game you need to wait for it to start. It’s easy to keep track of the time left before the game starts, just check the "Game Starts" countdown, which can be found in the top left corner of the bingo screen.

New bingo games will start every few minutes so you’ll never have to wait that long. Once the game begins, all the details you need to play will appear in the info bar on top of your cards. For example, it’ll show how many people are playing the game, prizes, the pattern you need to get in order to win and the jackpot.

Each number that is called will appear at the top. Either below it or next to it you'll find the last five calls that came before so you can keep track.

Daubing Your Numbers

You can decide whether you want to daub your own tickets manually using your cursor or automatically, which means you’ll never miss a number. By default the automatic method will be selected, however, if you’d rather daub the numbers yourself you can change the settings in the options menu by unchecking the box next to "Autodaub". You’ll find the settings in the top left-hand corner of the bingo screen.


When one of the bingo players gets a winning pattern on their bingo card the game will stop and a message will tell you who won the game and how much they’ve won.

Normally the return to the players in 75-ball bingo is around 70% whilst the house edge is equal to 30% (this is sometimes altered by the ticket price as well as the number of tickets bought in each game).