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What is 80 Ball Bingo

80 ball bingo is a rising online bingo favourite at the vibrant world of Foxy Bingo! Unlike traditional bingo, it uses a 4x4 grid with 16 coloured squares (numbers 1-80). Mark off called numbers to complete winning patterns (lines, corners, full house) and claim exciting prizes!

Fast-paced fun and easy gameplay:

  • Colourful Patterns: Each bingo ticket features a 4x4 grid with squares categorized by colour (1-20 per colour group). This vibrant system helps you track called numbers at a glance.
  • Mark Your Way to Wins: Just like other bingo variations, you mark off called numbers on your ticket. Completing specific patterns (lines, corners, or full house) wins you prizes!

How to Play 80 Ball Bingo

Learn the ropes of 80 ball bingo, the rising star of online bingo at Foxy Bingo:

  • Your Ticket Explained: Imagine a vibrant 4x4 grid with 16 squares. Unlike 75-ball bingo, numbers (1-80) are grouped by colour (4 groups of 20).
  • Calling Out Fun: Numbers are called out, with the caller often mentioning the colour group (e.g., "B30 - Blue"). Mark matching numbers on your ticket with your trusty dabber.
  • A Rainbow of Wins: Complete specific patterns (lines, corners, full house) to win prizes. The colour coding helps you track your progress at a glance!

80 Ball Bingo Ticket Layout and Patterns

80 ball bingo has a unique 4x4 grid layout with colour-coded squares (numbers 1-80). Here is your quick guide to exciting winning patterns like lines, corners, and full house!:

  • A Feast for the Eyes: Unlike traditional bingo, 80 ball bingo boasts a colourful 4x4 grid with 16 squares.
  • Numbers with Flair: Each square features a number (1-80) categorized by a unique colour (4 groups of 20 numbers each).
  • Keeping Track in Style: This colour-coding system helps you quickly identify called numbers and track your progress towards completing winning patterns.
  • Variety is the Spice of Gameplay: The colour combinations change for each game, keeping things fresh and exciting!

80 Ball Bingo Patterns:

Just like other bingo variations, completing specific patterns on your ticket with called numbers wins you prizes! Here are some popular 80 ball bingo patterns:

  • Single Line: Mark off 5 numbers in any horizontal row.
  • Four Corners: Mark all four corner squares on your ticket.
  • Full House: Mark all 16 squares on your ticket (including any free space variation, if offered).

How to Win at 80 Ball Bingo

Just like other bingo ball games, there is no guaranteed way to win. However there are some tips to keep in mind for a potential prize:

  • Mark Your Numbers: Just like other bingo variations, mark off called numbers on your 4x4 grid ticket. Completing specific patterns wins you prizes.
  • Classic Wins: Compete for horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines, or aim for the ultimate achievement - a full house (marking all 16 squares).
  • Foxy Fun - Four Corners Challenge: Unique to 80 ball bingo, be the first to mark all four corner squares on your ticket for an extra layer of excitement!
  • Multiple Wins on One Ticket: Many online bingo games allow you to play for multiple patterns on a single ticket, maximizing your chances of winning.
  • Special Room Jackpot: Get a full house within 30 ball calls or less to win a minimum £200 from our prize jackpot!

How to Start Playing 80 Ball Bingo at Foxy

If you are ready to explore the exciting world of 80 ball bingo rooms, head over to the "Bingo Rooms" tab in your Foxy account. Once you are in, join the lively "80 Matey" room, known for its friendly atmosphere and frequent games (starting every 6 minutes!). Browse ticket prices, check player numbers, and pre-purchase tickets for future games, or jump right in with a single click. Compete for cash prizes by marking off winning patterns like lines, completing the four corners challenge, or achieving the coveted full house! Make sure to check out our promotions page for exciting bonuses and welcome offer!