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80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo is a bonanza of Foxy fun, exploding with colour, excitement and good vibes. Each ticket has 16 squares in a 4x4 grid and all you need to do is tick off the numbers as they’re called to find patterns for prizes. Numbers are colour coded, meaning you can keep track of your calling at a glance, while looking pretty swish doing it. Fancy a go? Here in Foxy town, we’ve got our 80 Matey room that’s bubbling with bingo banter and Foxy vibes.

What is 80 Ball Bingo

80 ball bingo has a familiar, easy-to-play vibe that our pack loves here at Foxy Bingo, where we host a modern twist on this dabbing classic. One of the most popular types of online bingo, the 80 ball game features numbers 1 to 80, and packs a punch by using a variety of colours to deliver a special, vibrant feel. Each column is separated into groups of 20, with each section having a different colour to keep things bright and interesting. 80 ball bingo plays out much like other varieties—you dab numbers when they are called and completing different patterns can get you different reward amounts.

Fun and funky, the colours of 80 ball bingo also helps you keep a closer eye on how near you are to a prize. So, playing 80 ball bingo is like putting your Foxiest playlist on ‘shuffle’, knowing you’re in for plenty of fun and excitement!

How to play 80 Ball Bingo

New to 80 ball bingo? We’ve got you covered. To play 80 ball bingo, simply mark off the 16 numbers on the card as, when and if they’re called. The grid on your ticket is separated into four columns and four rows (totalling 16 squares) and every number is split into four groups of 20 (1-20, 21-40, 41-60, and 61-80).

These four groups are colour coded and the caller will usually also shout out the shade along with the digit to help you keep track of what you need to get your paws on a prize. These colours also change every session, meaning you can get your Fox on and enjoy a slightly different game every time you pop over to play. Generally with 80 ball bingo, there are rewards for completing single line, four corner and full house patterns. Ready to Fox it up with your dabber?

80 Ball Bingo Ticket Layout

Each ticket has 16 squares on a 4x4 grid and these grids are split into four groups of 20, (1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80). The 80 ball ticket is the jazziest in Foxy town—each group of 20 is colour coded! Vibrant shades while you dab for cash prizes help you keep track of your card and which numbers you need, while looking pretty Foxy-fine too. Even better, the colours can get mixed up in different games, keeping the look fresh and bright. Fancy getting your Fox on in our 80 Matey room for some 80 ball bingo banter?

How to win at 80 Ball Bingo

Now we’re at the fun part. With 80 ball bingo being as big and bright as it is, you just knew there would be plenty of Foxy ways to win. And how you grab a prize is just as you might expect—by marking off numbers to complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. We’ve also got the classic full house, the pinnacle of any bingo session. But there’s more. In 80 ball bingo games, you can also compete with your pack in the four-corner challenge! This involves dabbing all four corner numbers on your ticket to win cash. Reckon you can do it?

80 Ball Bingo Payout & Jackpot

The sizes of payouts and jackpot rewards in our 80 ball bingo games can vary. In a nutshell, it depends on what game you’re playing, what room you’re in and how many winning tickets you’re holding. You can always take a trip to Foxy town and check out the room. See what your fellow pack members are winning and decide for yourself whether you want to pop in and play. The prize icon for your chosen game will be next to the trophy icon underneath the room name. Show us your inner Fox and step into our 80 ball room for a chance to win…

80 Ball Bingo Rooms & Games

The king of Foxy town when it comes to 80 ball bingo is our 80 Matey room. Pop in and settle down for some Foxy fun and good vibes. A new game starts every six minutes, so don’t worry about missing any of the party. You can win cash by dabbing horizontal/vertical/diagonal lines, completing the four-corner challenge, and marking off every number to grab a famous full house. If that wasn’t good enough, we’ve also got a special room jackpot. Get a full house within 30 ball calls or less to win a minimum £200 from our prize jackpot!

How to start playing 80 Ball Bingo at Foxy

So, do you fancy giving 80 ball bingo a go with us? Just get logged into your Foxy account, click, or tap the Bingo Rooms tab, and head on over to 80 ball bingo. Once you’re there, you can browse around, see what you can win, check out how much tickets cost, and discover how many pack members are currently playing along. You’ve got the option to pre-buy tickets for a future session, or just dive right in and get playing as soon as you arrive. Ready to buy your tickets and get your Fox on playing 80 ball bingo?