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30 Ball Bingo

The party’s always rocking at Foxy Bingo where we love to let the fun roll no matter what we’re up to. If a quick dab while the kettle is brewing sounds like your cup of tea, then we’ve got the game for you—30 ball bingo!

What is 30 Ball Bingo?

We want everyone in our pack to be tuned in when it comes to our different games. And the first thing to know about 30 ball is that it’s pretty fast! 30 ball, or speed bingo, is one of the quickest games in Foxy town. Throw in that it also has a small grid to dab on, and you’ll find 30 ball bingo a piece of cake to play, no matter if you’re a debut or seasoned dabber.

You guessed it, the numbers on your 30 ball bingo card range from 1 to 30, and the aim of the game is to simply mark off all of your numbers to win. If you fancy a try, pop over to play 30 ball bingo where you could leave with cash prizes.

How to Play 30 Ball Bingo

Get ready to unleash your inner Fox, because playing 30 ball bingo is as easy as one, two, three. For any experienced players in our pack, it’s basically a streamlined version of our 75 ball bingo games. And for everyone else, all you need to do is grab your Foxy dabber and start marking off the nine numbers on your card until there are none left.

Ready to Fox up your day with 30 ball bingo? The main thing to watch out for in 30 ball bingo is the speed of the ball calls. Try your best to keep up with the ball calls, and don’t forget to watch all your cards for chances to get your paws on prizes. You might be able to flick the auto-dabbing setting on if you want.

30 Ball Bingo ticket layout

A standard 30 ball bingo ticket is nice and simple, just nine numbers from 1 to 30 spread across a 3x3 grid. Each ticket will have numbers between 1 and 30 for you to tick off as you play. Column one should include numbers between 1 and 10, column two between 11 and 20, and finally column three between 21 and 30.

How to win at 30 Ball Bingo

Winning at 30 ball bingo is similar to other online bingo games except for the fact that there are only nine numbers to mark off and you must complete the full card to win the game. In other words, no one- line or two-line prizes.

To win at 30 ball bingo, dab whatever numbers are called out while having fun with your pack. Since there are fewer numbers on a 30 ball bingo card, the game moves quicker but the fun is still as Foxy as ever. With speedy ball calls, lots of excitement and plenty of chances to win, it’s always a blast playing 30 ball bingo at Foxy Bingo.

30 Ball Bingo Payouts and Jackpots

There are plenty of chances to win Foxy cash playing 30 ball bingo here. Fancy bringing out your inner Fox and seeing if you can get your paws on a prize playing this fun and fast game?

The sizes of 30 ball bingo game rewards can vary. Basically, it depends on the game you’re playing, how many winning tickets you have, and what room you’re playing in. If you fancy, pop over to see what 30 ball games are playing at the moment and check out how much you can win (the prize amount should be next to the trophy icon underneath the room name).

30 Ball Bingo Rooms & Games

We love playing 30 ball bingo at Foxy Bingo, and our main room for it is Dirty Gertie. If you haven’t dropped in to play there yet, you can find cash prizes including a belting progressive jackpot. How do you get your paws on that? If you dab each number on your card within the first nine calls!

Our 30 ball Dirty Gertie bingo room is always packed with good times and chances to win. Feel free to pop over and see us when you fancy a game.

How do I start playing 30 Ball Bingo at Foxy?

Fancy a game of 30 ball bingo with us? Buzzing—we’ve got you covered! Just log into your Foxy Bingo account (if not already), click or tap on the Bingo Rooms tab, and head to 30 ball bingo. When you’re there, you’ll see the cash prize you could win, plus how much each ticket costs and how many players are in the game.

You’ll have the option to pre-buy tickets for future sessions or play as soon as you get there. Once you’ve bought your ticket(s), get ready to show us your Foxy style and bring on the 30 ball bingo fun!