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What is 30 Ball Bingo

The party’s always rocking at Foxy Bingo where we love to let the fun roll no matter what we’re up to. If a quick dab while the kettle is brewing sounds like your cup of tea, then we’ve got the game for you—30 ball bingo!

  • Fastest Bingo for Busy Players: 30 ball bingo offers the quickest bingo experience online, perfect for short bursts of excitement.
  • Compact Gameplay: Mark off numbers on your easy-to-manage 3x3 grid bingo ticket (numbers 1-30).
  • Simple to Play and Win: Be the first to complete your entire card (full house) and win real money prizes!
  • Quick Games: Enjoy shorter games compared to traditional bingo formats.
  • Ideal for Beginners: The straightforward rules and small grid make 30 ball bingo a breeze to learn.

How to Play 30 Ball Bingo

30 ball bingo offers a lightning-fast twist on classic bingo, perfect for beginners! For any experienced players in our pack, it’s basically a streamlined version of our 75 ball bingo games. Here is your quick guide:

  • Simple Rules: Mark off called numbers (1-30) on your compact 3x3 grid ticket, similar to classic bingo.
  • Fast-Paced Gameplay: Be ready for quick ball calls – focus and keep up to win!
  • Optional Automatic Daubing: Relax and let Foxy Bingo automatically mark called numbers for you (check settings).
  • Multiple Cards, Multiple Wins: Purchase multiple tickets (up to 96 per game) to increase your chances of winning.

30 Ball Bingo Ticket Layout

A standard 30 ball bingo ticket is easy-to-learn and simple:

30 Ball Bingo Ticket:

  • Simple & Manageable: Enjoy a clear, simple and easy-to-follow 3x3 grid layout on your bingo ticket.
  • Nine Numbers: Mark off any of the nine unique numbers (1-30) printed on your ticket.
  • Organized by Tens: Numbers are conveniently grouped by tens (1-10, 11-20, 21-30) across the three columns for faster scanning.
  • Real-Time Updates: Easily find out current cash prizes and jackpots for ongoing 30 ball bingo games! Look for the trophy icon next to the room name for payout details.

How to Win at 30 Ball Bingo

Winning at 30 ball bingo is similar to other online bingo games. Here's what you need to know:

  • Full House Focus: Be the first player to mark off all nine numbers on your ticket (full house) and win the game!
  • Speedy Gameplay & Speedy Wins: Experience lightning-fast bingo with quick ball calls and shorter games compared to traditional bingo.
  • Multiple Cards, More Chances: Purchase up to 96 tickets per game to increase your odds of achieving a full house first.

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How Do I Start Playing 30 Ball Bingo at Foxy?

Fancy a game of 30 ball bingo with us? Buzzing—we’ve got you covered!:

  • Login & Head to Bingo Rooms: Sign in to your Foxy Bingo account and click on the "Bingo Rooms" tab.
  • Find Your Perfect Game: Explore our main 30 ball bingo room "Fast n Foxy" featuring cash prizes and progressive jackpot.
  • Purchase Tickets: Choose the number of tickets you want (up to 96) and confirm your purchase.
  • Real-Time Game Info: View ticket prices, current jackpots, and number of players before buying in.
  • Foxy Promos: Check out our promos page for exciting bingo promos and welcome bonus!

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