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50 Ball Bingo

Just like a dance floor on a Saturday night, the grid for 50 ball bingo is packed with fun—and our pack love it! Every space on a 50 ball bingo card has a number, so there are no blank squares. On top of that, tickets are laid out in two rows and five columns, all filled and ready to be dabbed. Games go by in a Foxy flash, making 50 ball bingo perfect for quick-fire sessions and speedy fun. Ready for a go? We’ve got more to tell you first…

What is 50 Ball Bingo

50 ball bingo is a speedy twist on traditional bingo that you can only really find and play online. The big idea around 50 ball bingo is ‘maximum dabbing fun, minimal time to dab’. Mark off one full line to get your paws on a prize, then bag a second reward if you can dab a full house.

50 ball bingo is perfect for members of the pack who want to dab on the go and get those Foxy vibes pumping during their free time. Not as fast as 30 ball bingo, but quicker chances to win than 90 ball games, 50 ball bingo is a great in-between for Foxes on the move.

How to play 50 Ball Bingo

Despite being quite new and having a fast gameplay, 50 ball bingo isn’t complicated and is easy to pick up even if you’ve never played online bingo before. Just like it’s older siblings, all you have to do when you play 50 ball games is to check off (or dab) the numbers on your card as and when they are called. You can sometimes use automatic dabbing, but if not, simply tap on mobile or click on desktop to mark off digits.

Remember, there are three ways to win if you play 50 ball bingo. Dab a full line on your ticket, get a full house, or both! Every space on the grid will include a number, so keep an eye on your lines, ears on the ball calls, and paws waving in the air for chances to win cash.

50 Ball Bingo Ticket Layout

To be part of the Foxy pack that’s playing 50 ball bingo, you’ve got to get your tickets. On a 50 ball bingo card, there are five columns, and each column will have numbers ranging from 1 to 50 in groups of 10 (so that’s 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50). There’s also the option to buy a strip of tickets, if you fancy extra 50 ball fun! Bear in mind that there are no blank spaces on a 50 ball bingo card unlike a 90 ball ticket, too. Ready to grab some 50 ball bingo tickets and see what numbers you get? Let’s see how you could win first…

How to win at 50 Ball Bingo

Now that we’ve got the main details of 50 ball bingo, how about we check out how you can get your paws on some rewards?

There are two prize types in 50 ball bingo, and even better, you can nab both in the same game! Completing (or marking off) one entire line on your 50 ball ticket gets you one cash win here at Foxy Bingo. And the second? This comes via a full house! Basically, dab off every number on your ten-space card to get a full house and win the 50 ball game.

50 Ball Bingo Payouts & Jackpots

There are lots of chances to win cash playing 50 ball games here at Foxy Bingo. Ready to unleash your inner Fox and find out if you can get your paws on a prize when you play?

50 ball bingo rewards can come in all kinds of sizes, and it really depends on the game you’re playing, how many tickets you have, and which of our Foxy rooms you’re in. If you want, you can head over to see what 50 ball games are happening right now and see what is on the table. How? The cash total that’s up for grabs sits beside the trophy icon, which is underneath the room name.

50 Ball Bingo Rooms & Games

50 Ball Bingo is still quite rare on this side of the Atlantic, but here at Foxy, we’re ahead of the curve and always up for bingo fun in any form. So much so that we actually have two special 50 ball bingo styles that you can sink your claws into! Prep your Foxiest moves and get the fun started in our Bingo Beats Chakra room or get into the groove with the rest of our pack in our Bingo Beats Love room.

Ready for some 50 ball banter? Let’s Fox it up!

How to play 50 Ball Bingo on Foxy

It’s easy to show us your style playing 50 ball bingo whenever you fancy. Our pack love this style of exciting and quick bingo, and it’s simple to for you to get involved too. Just log into your Foxy Bingo account, head to the Bingo Room tab, and pick the one that best suits your vibe for the day. You can chop and change between rooms whenever you like—whatever brings you the most fun! Now that’s all sorted, come get your 50 ball Fox on…