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36 Ball Bingo

Get your Fox on playing 36 ball bingo! Fast and easy to play, 36 ball bingo is another one for pack members on the move. It’s designed to be quick, simple and full of fun—perfect for us here at Foxy Bingo. Usually, everyone has an equal chance to win in an 36 ball bingo game because often, you’re only able to buy one ticket per player. Here, our flagship 36 ball room is Fluffy Favourites, which you can dive into for chances to win cash prizes as and when you like.

How to play 36 Ball Bingo

Here at Foxy Bingo, we’ve got plenty of 36 ball bingo offers for you to get your paws on. But despite the fact it’s simple to play, we want to make sure you’ve got a proper idea of how to enjoy it. Ready to judge for yourself if it’s got the Foxy vibe you’re after?

It may sound too good to be true, but playing 36 ball bingo is as simple as picking your ticket and sitting back to enjoy the fun. With 36 ball bingo, you get one card per person which means an even playing field for the whole of the pack. To play, you’ll need to check off a full house on your card within 36 ball calls. So basically, keep an eye (or ear) out for the numbers you need to get your paws on those cash prizes. First one to get a full house wins!

36 Ball Bingo Tickets

Each 36 ball ticket has an equal chance of winning because of the ‘one ticket per player’ rule. This makes the 36 ball bingo game extra exciting, we reckon! All you need to do is mark off your numbers and aim for that 12-numbered full house, which is when you manage to dab every digit on your card. The games go quite quickly, so 36 ball bingo is ideal to play on the bus or during a break at work—whenever you have a few minutes to get your Fox on.

How to win at 36 Ball Bingo

36 ball bingo has some fast Foxy moves and prizes can be snapped up quickly. For you to win a full house reward, which is the only prize pattern in a 36 ball bingo game, mark off all 12 numbers on your ticket. Just listen out for which numbers are being called during the game and try not to miss any. If you’re up for some fast-paced fun and instant results, 36 ball bingo might be your bag.

How to start playing 36 Ball Bingo at Foxy

Shoot over to Foxy Bingo and get logged into your account. Click on the Bingo Room tab and browse through until you see the 36 ball bingo option. Once there, you’ll see our very own Fluffy Favourites. You can also find out the number of pack members playing, ticket prices and get the option of pre-buying for future sessions. If you’re ready to get your paws on prize chances, come inside and fire up some 36 ball Foxy fun.